Pay Per Click



At the start of any project we like to take the time to understand your business, your products & services, business objectives and goals.

We will analyse all of your available data, previous campaigns, website or any other sources in order to create the best campaigns possible.

We will then use software and our own in-house techniques to find the right audiences or prospects to target on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin. We can then begin to formulate the best way to get in-front of these audiences and figure out how to get them to take action.



Facebook offers the most advanced targeting methods known to any business. Due to the incredible amount of data that Facebook hold, your adverts can be placed in-front the most relevant audiences to your business.

This will give you the greatest chances of success and is one of the main reasons why businesses have been seeing such incredible ROI with their Facebook advertising efforts.

There are so many different ways we can help you find your customers on Facebook & Instagram. This includes: Interests, Demographics, Behaviours, Lookalike & Custom Audiences.



We use both software and human expertise to constantly monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure budget is spent wisely and you receive the highest return on investment. We use a number of tactics including budget and bid optimisation, ad copy and creatives, audiences, lookalike & custom audiences, remarketing and dynamic remarketing, as well as customer segmentation and funnel marketing.

We can easily identify winning areas and profitable places to scale up your campaigns. We help you to avoid overspending on unprofitable campaigns and instead shift your budget to the top performing ones. Trim the fat and scale the winners with Big Spark Media!


We focus on the main metrics which are important to your business whether this is lead generated, cost per lead etc. This reporting is provided on a weekly and monthly basis. Weekly reporting is automated whereas monthly has more insights and recommendations.





How do I Order?

The best way to order any of our marketing services is to get in contact with us. We will have an initial discussion with you to find out more about your business and marketing needs. We will then be able to provide you with a quote.

What is Paid Social / Facebook Ads?

Paid Social means using the paid advertisements on different social media channels. These commonly include Facebook & Instagram and Linkedin. There are also other social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Foursquare & Tik Tok but we focus on FB Advertising, Instagram Ads & Linkedin Advertising.

Why Should I use Paid Social

There are a lot of reasons why we love Social Media at Big Spark Media. They include:

There are a lot of active social media users as shown in the image above.

It is also one of the only Marketing Channels which can target customers at every stage of the purchase journey. This means it can create initial brand & product awareness, generate interest and consideration of your product / service and also do a really good job of closing sales & leads at the bottom of the funnel. Not only this but you can also upsell / cross sell and social media ads for retention or make brand ambassadors out of your current customers.

Finally, the vast amount of ways that it is possible to optimise and scale social media ads means that a great return on investment is possible and also the possibility of scaling up. This makes it a go to strategy for us.

B2b / linkedin advertising?

With over 700 Million active users, 92% of B2B Marketing is conducted on LinkedIn. Some of the benefits include the ability to easily narrow down your targeting to the exact person within an organisation that you wish to see your advert, not only that but you can narrow down the exact type of business you with to avertise to also. Linkedin boasts 3x higher conversion rates on average than any other Social Media Platform. We recommend Linkedin Advertising to all B2B focused clients.

Is Paid Social good for small / local businesses?

Facebook & Instagram advertising is one of the best avenues for generating leads & sales within a B2C context. You can build a sustainable pipeline of repeat sales at a great ROI using Paid Social. The same can be said for LinkedIn and B2B advertising.

You are able to control the locations / radius which you want to advertise in. For local businesses you can limit this to your local area or +10 miles around your business for example.

How to get the Most from Paid Social

There are a few ways to make the most of Paid Social. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Feed the Pixel - Facebook AI is amazing at detecting patterns and learning if given enough data to work with. It is good to start relatively broad in order to capture a lot of traffic and provide it with the data it needs to improve performance and not miss any opportunities by making assumptions on what works and what will not early on.
  • Segment - You can segment your customers based on whether they have interacted with your adverts, visited your website and which parts of the website they have visited and customise your adverts to them based on their behaviours / segment.
  • Lookalike Audiences - Facebook allows you to create audiences which are similar to other audiences. Eg similar to those who have converted on your website or added a product to cart ect. Lookalike audiences are a great source of finding additional customers who match almost exactly to your current customers.

What Locations do you cover?

We are a Paid Social Agency in Bexley / Bexleyheath. Bexley is in Kent and quite close to Dartford so consequently we offer Facebook Marketing Services in Dartford and Facebook Ads in Kent. It only takes 40 mins to get into London so we also offer London Paid Social and believe we are a strong value for money London Linkedin Agency. To be honest, with the ability to have Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout meetings, we service all of the UK and even have some international clients.

*If you are wondering why we did not just say that we cover all of the UK & abroad; we will spill the beans it is an SEO / PPC trick to get all the keywords / locations that you wish to rank for on to the page (ssshhhh don't tell google!). When Google's spiders read the page and see that it contains text for these keywords they are likely to rank you higher when people search for them.*

What other services do you offer?

Our service offering includes: