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If you want to start getting results on Amazon immediately, you have come to the right place

Amazon Sponsored Ads allow you to start showing your adverts within hours of setting up your campaigns

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Amazon Package Details

How does the pricing / billing work? The minimum monthly package fee is automatically charged on the 1st of each calendar month. When you first start, you are charged a one off setup fee and if the start date of your campaign is not on the first of the month we charge a reduced pro rata amount based on the amount of the month remaining.

How Does Percentage of Ad Spend Work? At the end of each month we will look at the advertising amount spent and times it by % ad spend eg £7000 x 4% = £280. We then deduct the minimum monthly spend which already occured so £280 - 250 = £30. We then send you an invoice for the outstanding £30.

Is there a minimum contract length? Yes, the minimum contract length is 6 months for all our services except our SEO services which typically takes longer to achieve results. The contract is 12 months for the SEO packages. We have chosen 6 months as we take our craft seriously, and invest a significant amount of time researching and preparing your campaigns for launch; we have also invested in a lot of expensive software tools which we hook you up to.

What are Amazon Ads / Sponsored product Ads?

Sponsored Ads is a form of Pay per click marketing which exists within the internal Amazon Platform. It is similar to Google PPC but is much more simple in comparison. You bid on the keywords & phrases you wish your product to appear for and hopefully make sales from this.

Are sponsored ads worth using?

Definitely! Is a quick and easy answer. On Amazon, there are often 30 - 40 products displayed for any keyword search (often products are from the same factory with only the branding / packaging being different (OEM / ODM). How can you make sure your product gets a chance of being sold? Use sponsored ads to make sure you are in the   top 5 products being searched. You will have much more eyeballs and opportunities to sell as many shoppers stop searching and make a decision after viewing 3 - 6 products.


What is Amazon SEO

When someone searches for your product using its main keyword - where do you show up on Amazon (discounting all the paid adverts)? 18th? 42nd? Nowhere? The position you appear is your current SEO ranking for that keyword on Amazon. If you now use another keyword that can be used to search for your product you an find out your ranking for that keyword too. Why is this important? 70-80% of all the sales on Amazon are from Organic / SEO rankings. If you can discover lots of keyword variations and make sure you rank highly for them you will guarantee a lot of continued sales. We use tools to track these rankings as shown below

Why you should buy your way to the top

Google Search Engine and Amazon Search Engine have a very important key difference. When you use PPC on Google and convert on a keyword such as "garlic press" you will not gain any SEO benefit for it on Google.

When you convert on the keyword "garlic press" on Amazon via sponsored ads, Amazon will start ranking you for this keyword in natural organic searches. The more conversions you can buy from PPC the higher your Amazon SEO rankings can become for this keyword too.

A benefit of this is there is only a limited amount of Amazon Searches each day if you get the majority of PPC & SEO sales you will create a snowball effect to stay high whilst your competitor rankins will slowly drop due to starvation unless they drive external traffic to Amazon.

What are the downsides to Sponsored ads?

Everything has it's positives and negatives and sponsored ads are no different. Here are a few of it's biggest downfalls:

  • ACOS Juggling - Achieving a low ACOS can be difficult. If you are not careful it is easy to overspend on PPC and make things expensive. There are many different factors which come into it such as keywords, bids, ad copy, reviews etc.
  • Time Consuming - You are busy researching your next product, dealing with suppliers and a hundred and 1 different things it takes to be an Amazon Seller. Do you really have the time to constantly monitor and tweak keyword performance?

What Locations do you cover?

We are an Amazon Agency in Bexley / Bexleyheath. Bexley is in Kent and quite close to Dartford so consequently we offer Amazon Services in Dartford and Amazon PPC Services in Kent. It only takes 40 mins to get into London so we also offer London Amazon SEO services and believe we are a strong value for money Amazon Agency. To be honest, with the ability to have Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout meetings, we service all of the UK and even have some international clients.

*If you are wondering why we did not just say that we cover all of the UK & abroad; we will spill the beans it is an SEO / PPC trick to get all the keywords / locations that you wish to rank for on to the page (ssshhhh don't tell google!). When Google's spiders read the page and see that it contains text for these keywords they are likely to rank you higher when people search for them.*

What other services do you offer?

Our service offering includes: